PolyDry Outdoor Cushion Foam

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PolyDry Densified Sheet 3x24x74
100% Densified Polyester Sheet, for bedding, cushions, batting, filling, quilting, upholstery. Perfect for revitalization of your outdoor/indoor cushions, bedding or upholstery. Sheets are light weight easy to cut and manage making it ideal for easy installation. Make your outdoor cushions look new again. PolyDry sheets can easily be split to make 2 sheets 1.5 inches thick, stack as desired to achieve correct thickness.

Recommended for lower seating applications but can also be used on upper backs for firmer back support.

100% Polyester

Size; 3” thick x 24” width x 74” length

Weight density - 4lb

Non-fire retardant chemicals

Sold by the sheet only.

Made in USA