4/32” Double Welt Cord Braided White

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BayTrim 4/32” Double Braided Welt cord is used in all upholstery applications.

Excellent for use in automotive, furniture, and other upholstery products, This quality and durable double welt cord is used for upholstering. Popular in the fine furniture industry when using with matching fabric to form gimp trim, a finished product to hide the staples.

Size diam. 4/32”

Used for upholstery trim or other craft projects and embellishments to give the piece an added elegance, the welt is medium-firm so it will hold its shape in applications where that is a benefit

Durable polymeric core covered by uniform braided cellulose encasing, the double welt is a medium-firm so it is able to maintain its shape yet soft enough to bend around curves to give your piece that crisp finished structure!

Multiple orders are shipped in continuous roll.

Made In USA